Michelle’s passion has always been dance, from the time she was put into her first Ballet class at the age of 3 by her wonderful. Ballet and Modern dance are her strongest areas of movement, but she is also trained in Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Pointe work. She was a proud member of the Ann Arbor Dance Classics competition team, and in 2008 was able to play the part of Clara in the Nutcracker. That same year, she began to assist classes of younger ages to get more comfortable with working with kids. She knows that working with the younger generation of dancers will improve her comfort level when teaching dance to others and will, in return, make her a better dancer.
Michelle taught her first pre-ballet at the YMCA in Ann Arbor from 2016 to 2017. This is where she learned the basic skills needed for teaching, creating her own syllabus and falling in love with being a teacher. She then was able to teach at Jackson School of the Arts in Jackson MI, where she gladly taught four classes in Ballet and Tap from ages 3-10. She enjoyed watching them grow as dancers and making them feel inspired every week.
She just recently completed an intense 3-month training program in New York City through the Broadway Dance Center. She was able to focus on her modern concentration and grow with so many amazing artists and teachers through her stay in Manhattan. Michelle will keep training to become a better dancer and better teacher and will continue to find opportunities around and beyond Michigan to keep growing as an artist.
She is so honored to teach at Dance Illumination in Jackson MI, and grow with other artists in Michigan’s dance community.