How to enroll & Pricing

Dancers and all guests/affiliates of dancers must follow the studios policy handbook, code of conduct, COVID policy and rules and regulations


There is an​​annual registration fee of $15.00 per student, maximum $20 per family. Class registration fees may vary depending on the class offered. An annual registration fee covers the cost of studio supplies, administration and studio usage fee. Registration fees are not refundable.All families can complete registration by logging into our parent portal and signing up for classes. This can be found on our login page at ​​. Our main source of communication is by email. Please use ​[email protected]​ to contact the studio. Our phone line is to notify the community of studio updates and events.


The full season at Dance Illumination runs from August to June. Tuition Payments are scheduled for August to December, January to May or August to May depending on the class. Please check your assigned class for information on complete registration dates. This information is provide din your studio account. Monthly tuition is due by the 1st of each month. ​On the 5th of the month a $15 late fee will be applied. Students may not return to class until tuition is paid in full. ​Tuition and special event fees are non-refundable.

For students who register in August of 2020, and pay tuition in full, up front, for the Dance Illumination season (August to May), the student will receive the month of ​May’s tuition fee free for the registered class.

Please notify the studio by email at [email protected]​ if you decide to drop a class.This will prevent any additional monthly charges for classes you are no longer taking or enrolled in. All debts owed to Dance Illumination studio must be paid in full before continuing classes or-before registering for new classes.

Due to COVID-19​ We are no longer accepting cash, money orders and cashiers checks for tuition or special events. All registrations, tuition, monthly payments and event payments must be paid through our online system, which you can find through our website/parent portal login.We accept all major credit/debit cards (MasterCard/Visa). If you are interested in automatic withdrawal or paying a full year tuition up front please do so online or for assist email the studio.


During the month of January and April (Holiday/Break months), ​all payments must be made by the 1st of the month,​ as the studio will be closed for the holidays during (Christmas and Spring Break…etc).

Dance Illumination does not prorate tuition and fees due to holidays, personal vacations, school vacations, missing classes or breaks. Tuition is based on an even number of weeks during the Dance Illumination season.

Additional Fees:

Tuition does not include the registration fee, dancewear, shoes, costumes, recital fees/package and tickets, media services, private lessons, or special events.


Costume fees can be paid in full or split in half into two monthly payments. The 1st half of the costume fee is due in October along with monthly tuition. The 2nd half of the costume fee is due in November along with monthly tuition. Each class has a required $75 costume fee in order to participate at the end of the year performance (recital). Late costume orders are subject to a$10.00 late fee charge. All accounts and monthly fees must be current in order to take costumes home during picture week.

Monthly tuition and student accounts must be up to date and paid in full in order to receive costumes, performance tickets, and performance items. This included but is not limited to to prepaid costumes, prepaid performance tickets, and prepaid performance items.

Recital (End of Year Performance)

There is an end of the year performance (recital) fee for all participating students. The performance is during the first weekend of June and is optional for students in standard classes and required for petite and pre-professional company. Recital fees are due in March 15 2021.Each package provides different payment options. This package does not include the cost of photos or video or any additional purchases. Performance information will be emailed through our parent portal during week 1 of February 7, 2021.

Monthly tuition and student accounts must be paid in full by May 1, 2021 to participate in the end of year performance at Dance Illumination.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds on monthly fees, private lessons, special events, costumes, tuition,registration, dancewear, shoes, end of year performance (recital) tickets, end of year performance (recital) fees, videography, photography or workshop/masterclass.

General Class Information

Once you have submitted payment and received a confirmation of your registration you are all set to begin classes. Classes officially begin August 31 2020. We will not contact you unless there is a question about the registration process. Families can only register for classes by his or her age. Students should be dropped off earlier then 10 minutes before their scheduled class time and picked up as soon as classes are released. All late pick ups will be charged $10 for every 30minutes late. All students 3 and under must have one parent in the building (in designated waiting area) during class time. All families must sign the following waivers and release forms,COVID-19, Rules and Regulations, Dress Code, Family Policy Handbook, Code of Conduct and Release Waiver in order to participate. Please see the dress code for proper class attire, code of conduct and policy handbook for parent/student procedures.

Release Forms

All waivers, policy handbooks, studio calendars, dress codes, code of conduct, rules and regulations and COVID forms are provided in the parent portal. Please be sure to carefully read our policies before registering for classes. All participating families must check the boxes for all forms listed above before completing registration.

Dance Illumination provides a Policy Handbook, COVID-19, Code of Conduct, Dress Code and a Release and Liability Waiver, available through our registration portal. By signing up for classes you agree to all terms and conditions provided by Dance Illumination

Prices For Production, Art, and Special Events May Vary.

1 Class

$35 per month

1.5 Classes

$45 per month

2 Classes

$65 per month

2.5 Classes

$80 per month

3 Classes

$95 per month

3.5 Classes

$110 per month

4 Classes

$120 per month/ Unlimited