Class Schedule


4:00-5:00 Ballet Beg/Inter. 11+yrs. (Standard & Company)
5:00-5:45 No Classes
5:45-6:45 Strength & Conditioning/Flexibility rotates biweekly with Technique (Company)
6:45-7:30 Junior/Teen Jazz (Company) 11+yrs
7:30-8:15 Senior Contemporary (Company) 13+yrs
8:15-9:00 Senior Jazz (Company) 13+yrs



4:15-5:00 Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement 2.5-4yrs. (Standard Class)
5:00-5:45 Ballet/Tap Combination 5-10yrs. (Standard Class)
5:45-6:30 Petite 5-10yrs. (Company)
6:30-7:30 Ballet Beg/Inter 11+yrs. (Standard)
7:30-8:15 Ballet Intermediate/Adv 12+yrs. (Standard)
8:15-9:00 Ballet Intermediate/Adv Pointe 12+yrs. (Standard)



4:15-5:00 Acro/Jazz Funk 5 to 10yrs. (Standard Class)
5:00-5:45 Hip Hop/Jazz Funk 10+yrs. (Standard)
5:45-6:45 Hip Hop (Company) 10+yrs
6:45-7:45 Acro/Jazz Funk 11+yrs. (Standard). I s
7:45-8:45 Contortion (Company) 11+yrs
8:45-9:30 Tap 11+yrs (Standard) TBA



4:00-5:00 Ballet Intermediate/Adv. 12+yrs. (Standard & Company)m
5:00-6:00 Hip Hop/Jazz Funk Advanced 12+yrs. (Standard)
6:00-6:45 Junior/Teen Contemporary (Company) 11+yrs
6:45-7:45 Contemp/Jazz 11+yrs (Standard)
7:45-8:30 Teen Contemporary (Company) 12+yrs
8:30-9:15 Teen Jazz (Company) 12+yrs