The name of the pre-professional company is Haus of Dance. Company members develop artistic skills through learning about creative concepts such as dance choreography, podcast, projection art, and film. This program supports advanced level training for those who are ready to work at their fullest potential. Not only do dancers experience technical training but the opportunity to support self-growth. Each month company members explore dance themes that create a space for creative expression and individual development. We also provide traditional training in Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Strengthening, Flexibility, and Contortion. We also provide additional experiences in competition, convention and masterclasses with professional choreographers in the entertainment Industry. Each genre is based on the students’ experience level. Please see the package details below. If you are interested in auditioning for the company please contact the studio by email at [email protected]

Package Includes:

  1. Choreography Session Weekly
  2. Optional choreography by guest artist
  3. Ballet (with Pointe if ready)
  4. Strength & Conditioning, Jazz and Contemporary Technique
  5. Music and Video Production
  6. All Standard Classes are Included
  7. University of Michigan Partnership program. U of M students teach Company Classes
  8. University of Michigan Arts Organization provides free Masterclasses and performances
  9. Photoshoot with headshots
  10. Community Performances
  11. Competition and Convention