This class gives students the opportunity to create music, projection art, film, and podcasting. All your child needs is a smartphone or a tablet that can host downloadable apps and internet connection. Students will collaborate with other classes to produce a final project. All projects will have the option to present their work in one of our community performances throughout the year.

Special note from Teacher Chelsea:​ The industry (world) is changing. No longer do we have to wait for professional production gatekeepers to grant us access to the stage. Rather, today, students can create their own platform to say whatever matters most to them. In this class, students will have introductory and practical skills in film, animation, audio, and music. They will also learn to produce skills such as idealization, visualization, storyboarding, scheduling, collaborating, and more. Throughout the course, students will have hands-on practice through daily class exercises and projects. The course will culminate in an in-class experience where students can develop a project that is meaningful to them. They will have the opportunity to present their projects in a student showcase or end of year performance. Ultimately, students will learn the tools they need to claim their platform and speak their truth through creativity in the arts. Ages: 6th grade to Professional.