Mission Statement

To build character and diversity for dancers of all ages while fostering an environment for growth and leadership.

- Krisilyn Tony Frazier

We make you want to dance...right now!


Classes for all ages and levels! Learn from the masters or express your dance through film. We offer many classes that help you express what you are passionate about.

In House Faculty and Guest Faculty

Learn from the masters with Haus of Dance Company Masterclass Instructors and Choreographers.

Aerial Cirque Arts

Coming soon! Including aerial contortion, silks, hoops and more!

Dance and Film Workshop

COMING SOON! Learn how to film and edit dance for fun! Experiment with creating stories, music videos, advertisement and dance class footage.

Adult Classes

You are never too old or too young to start a new passion. Classes for all ages available.

Congratulations to Haus of Dance on their first professional project.

A Call to Action: The Holocaust

Special Congratulations...

to Director and Documentarian Krisilyn Tony Frazier and the Haus of Dance company members for receiving their first 2018 film festival entry.

Special Thank You...

to our cinematographer Jenna Kulhawick for collaborating with us on this amazing project.